Logo of Emotify Events, a calendar and thumbs up emoji combined

Emotify Events

Google Calendar add-on that lets you automatically emotify you Calendar events. Automatically change the title, duration, add location and change start and end time of your events.

Example of the config where an event with the title Sushi is prefix with a Sushi emoji


In the add-on you create rules that will automatically emotify events. For example the events Football and Afterwork drinks will be emotified to ⚽️ Football and 🍺️ Afterwork drinks.

By doing you will increase the overview your calendar gives you. TJ VanToll calls it a "Life Pro Tip" on his blog.

Other actions: duration, location and start/end time

Events are often quickly created. They often end up un-enriched while it is definitely handy to have the correct duration, location, etc... With Emotify Events you can set those properties to automatically apply for certain events.

Want to install? Go here: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/emotify_events/781278696569

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